My First Post – Welcome to the Beginning of Our Fun-filled Computer Journey

Remember, every big journey starts with a small step. Today, we're taking that first step together. So, put on your explorer hat, grab your mouse, and let's start our exciting computer journey!
Aarav rathee

Hello, young explorers!

This is Aarav Rathee, your new friend . I’m 8 years old.

But guess what? I was born in a place called Bhaproda, Haryana, in India.

Cool, right?

You might be wondering, “What’s this blog about, Aarav?” & How I am able to create a blog for myself?

Let me tell you the truth that I am just writing this post but the whole website was created by my Mom.

Now, let’s start our fun-filled computer journey together!

Well, it’s a magical place where I’ll learn about computers, new Tech and Latest AI.

Computers can seem big and scary, but they’re actually our friends.

We use them every day for school work like TT Rockstar, Khan Academy, Spelling bee and also to play games, watch youtube videos, and even do homework (shhh… don’t tell anyone I said that!)

Did you know computers speak a language, just like we do? It’s called “coding”.

It may sound complicated, but it’s just like learning to speak to a new friend.

We’ll learn this language together, step by step.

It’s going to be so much fun!

You see, computers can do some amazing things. They can paint pictures, tell stories, solve maths problems, and even make music. It’s like they have superpowers! And the best part? We can tell them what to do. With our new friend, the computer, we can create magical worlds, invent exciting games, and explore the universe!

Are you ready for our first adventure?

What i will be using the computer and my website to share with you what I am doing and how I am doing that.

I will also share what I am learning.

Along with this, I will be sharing the things on Youtube and Instagram. 

Welcome aboard, friends. This is just the beginning of our fun-filled computer journey.

We’re going to have a blast together, I promise. Let’s make this the best adventure ever!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Let’s connect with me on my youtube channel. 

I can’t wait to see where our computer adventure will take us.

So, let’s begin. After all, we have a whole world of computer fun to explore together!


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